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What is a CBS Member?

In short a CBS Member is someone who supports progressive Judaism in Alaska.

More specifically a CBS Member is a Jewish adult (18 or older) who has expressed a commitment to an ongoing relationship with our community by providing spiritual, emotional, intellectual, communal, and annual financial support.

The Membership Unit includes the person who completes the application plus the other members of their household (one vote per membership unit).

Why Should I Join?

  1. To ensure that progressive Judaism thrives in Alaska.
  2. To help safeguard our universal values and make sure that our voices are heard locally, nationally, in Israel, and across the world.
  3. To keep alive our unique identity and its contemporary expressions and to help them evolve.
  4. To find affinity with others who hold similar values.
  5. To ensure that Jews in Alaska have a place to observe holidays and lifecycle events.
  6. To receive other benefits of membership:
    1. Be eligible to serve on the Board, standing committees, and special committees.
    2. Receive CBS communications.
    3. Access to the Union for Reform Judaism services and benefits.
    4. Access and personal account on our website.
    5. Discount rates for building use, preschool services, and holiday events.
    6. Invitation to participate in all programs, religious services, and CBS activities.
    7. Access to religious school and B’nei Mitzvah training and assistance.
    8. Use of the cemetery property in accordance with established policies.
    9. Use of Temple facilities for religious services or ceremonies.
    10. Receive access to spiritual leadership.
    11. Participation in and voting at all meetings of the congregations.

What Are the Membership Dues?

  • Full member unit pays $1,500/year.
  • Member unit under 35 need not pay their first year and pays a half rate, $750, for their second year.
  • Associate Membership is available for those who live outside of the Anchorage/Mat-Su area and costs $18/month ($216/year).  This membership includes all of the benefits of membership listed above except for: voting rights, access to religious school/B’nei Mitzvah training, discount rates, or eligibility to serve on the Board. 

We also ask that those who are able to pay more please do so.  These membership rates do not cover all of our costs so we rely on those more fortunate to help cover the difference.

Does It Cost $1500/Member to Run CBS?

Nope! It costs a lot more.  The actual cost is closer to $2,500/member.  The CBS Board strives to strike a balance between affordable for members and sustainable for our synagogue.

The rates noted above are used as a baseline, which allows us to plan a budget.  We very much rely on additional contributions and our fundraising efforts.

Do I Have to Pay All at Once?

A full payment at the beginning of the fiscal year helps us with planning the annual budget.  However, if this is not realistic for you it is fine if you want to pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever.

What if I Want to Join But Can't Afford the Dues?

We get it, money is tight but don’t let that stop you from reaching out to us.  We will do what we can to help and in some cases we are able to offer dues reductions.  Contact us and let’s see if we can figure something out.

What If I Don't Want to Join But Want Some of the Benefits of Membership?

Under some circumstances we are able to offer member services/benefits to non-members (religious school, life-cycle events, holiday seats, building use, etc.) for a fee.  Contact us and we can discuss.

CBS Membership Inquiry


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