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Exploring Jewish Liturgy

Meets on the first Shabbat of every month @ 9:30 AM in the CBS Zoom room.

At its core, Jewish liturgy is all about connecting with G-d (however one understands that concept).  It ranges from the formal gathering of ten or more adult Jews, including choreographed movements and timed responses, to the quiet solitary moments of yearning and praise. 

Engaging with our liturgy is an act of worship and a means of bringing positive energy into the world.  The liturgy itself is often aspirational and at other times meditative.  It can be challenging, boring, exhilarating, confusing, transformative, and occasionally even offensive but it is never meaningless and it is always compelling for those open to exploring its depths.

Learning about Jewish liturgy can provide insight into how Judaism thinks and evolves.  It can also offer methods for self-improvement and the repairing of the world.

In our Exploring Jewish Liturgy class we delve into prayers from the standard Shabbat service, learning about its origins and history but primarily focusing on its meaning and value to modern Judaism.  We examine how the prayer’s metaphors and allusions aim to connect us with something beyond, or deep within, ourselves and how different approaches can free us to experience it in new and more meaningful ways.

All are welcome to join.  No prior experience or understanding of Hebrew is required.

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Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784